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Russ and Genevieve Jackman founded the club and are both qualified teachers of P.E. English, Art, Special Needs, and with later additional degree qualifications.

Russ Jackman is our head coach and holds the High Performance Coach award and is a Coach Tutor. Emma Bell, Julie Hardy and Trevor Smith hold the Senior Club Coach award. The Club Coach award is held by Genni Jackman, Jean Milne and Joseph Pitcher is working his way through the modules. The Coach award is held by Cara Stubbs and Alex Nurton. Milly Cole, Donna Passmore and Saskia Albertella are Awards level coaches.

Genni Jackman, Russ Jackman, Jean Milne, Emma Bell, Millie Heathcote, Milly and Maria Cole hold the Judge Award. Clare Marsh holds a higher qualification.

We work to the syllabus of British Gymnastics to give safe progressive learning. Properly taught skills will give young children a head start in their school sporting and physical educational lives as most skills and processes easily transfer to other sports and activities. It also has the invaluable social advantage of enabling young people to play and co-operate with one another in an atmosphere of learning.

The club has the knowledge and experience to teach the most basic to the most advanced skills, right up to multiple twisting and multiple somersaults with correct and precise technique.

To cover the cost of insurance and administration, an annual family membership fee of £12 per family is required. It is because classes are small that it is the reserved place that is paid for rather than the attendance, so absences must be paid for, as in all other termly or block booked classes. However, if you know in advance that you will absent, you may send a friend in your place who can then pay you or you may attend another session within the same month.

We look forward to hearing from you and to joining us.