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We work to the syllabus of British Gymnastics to give safe progressive learning. Properly taught skills will give young children a head start in their school sporting and physical educational lives as most skills and processes easily transfer to other sports and activities. It also has the invaluable social advantage of enabling young people to play and co-operate with one another in an atmosphere of learning.

Russ and Genevieve Jackman founded the club and are both qualified teachers of P.E. English, Art, Special Needs, and with later additional degree qualifications. We loved teaching, but became ever defeated by Government initiatives and are now happy refugees from the wreckage of Ofsted, Numeracy and Literacy hour, and all other additional ‘hours’, Citizenship, substitute parenting, social worker, priest and moral guardian, all roles that were taking over our lives in that profession. We still teach of course, but the circumstances are very different and far more enjoyable and rewarding, and we would advise any teachers drowning under paperlanches to find an avenue to become self-employed teachers. Actually, we both had many happy years in teaching and met through a school, but don’t miss the beaurocracy that seems to sap the heart from the job.
Our other coaches are all full time workers or students and or parents and their backgrounds and occupations cover a wide range.

The club was formed in February 1997 and has since grown steadily in numbers. We began with two customers one Friday at Stantonbury, and gradually grew until we covered our hire charge. This was a great landmark for us at that time. The next one was when we had some money over to pay ourselves with.

We now have in excess of three hundred members one of whom remains from our original two and is one of our most accomplished performers and a qualified coach. From that early beginning we have had to ‘acquire’ five trampolines, four replacement beds, nine throw-in mats, six end decks and pads, and a twisting rig and harness. We are greatly indebted to our friends for their generosity and for patience in receiving payment. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and are still making repayments at the time of writing.

We believe in making trampolining fun and giving members a happy and friendly environment to train in. If someone shows potential for competition, then once per. week will be inadequate, and we will encourage them to attend more often, training initially for novice and beginner competitions, with a view to embark on graded competitions if they wish.

The younger someone begins the better (within reason – 4yrs. being the youngest) but age is not necessarily a barrier. We have several ‘older’ teenagers who enjoy training and competing, not to mention our comparatively large group of adult members and competitors.

Trampolining at the Orbit Milton Keynes club is recommended as a beneficial form of exercise by www.isischiropractic.co.uk