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City’s Finest Take it to the Nationals.

National Championships, Birmingham NIA, July 2012

More than 8oo trampolinists converged on the NIA in Birmingham over the last weekend to determine who are the best in Britain.

This year we had a magnificent seven competitors still standing, despite accidents, illnesses and hospitalization, but they would not give up easily. Each group was large, and only the top 8 from each age and category would go on to the ultimate medal challenge.

At 8.20am on the Saturday Lewis Wheeler began his quest in the U17 Boys Fig B, and despite being in pain, completed his compulsory routine to land in 9th.place. A tantalizing position. But not for long, his attacking voluntary took him forwards into Sunday’s final raising Lewis to 6th. place.

Next on was Rebekah Bridge in the U19 Ladies National C group, walking on shaky legs having suffered a car accident last month, but she was determined to try something for the team. It was an aim too far, and Bekah could not complete either of her routines, but picked up valuable points for her team mates, Roisin O’Brien and Emily Young.

Roisin competed next giving a fine compulsory putting her in equal 7th. place. Her voluntary was also very clean, but not quite good enough for the top 8, leaving her 11th.

Last in this group was Emily Young, who gave two inspired routines, her voluntary scoring the highest in the group catapulting her into first place by a tenth of a mark.

The afternoon saw Hogan Leung defending his title in the U17 Boys C beginning with a mature compulsory routine to take 3rd. place. His voluntary was a gem, and put him right back on top in 1st. place going into Sunday’s final.

Cara Stubbs represented us in the O19 Ladies C, just hitting 8th. place with her very respectable compulsory. Could she hang on? Almost, with a sparkling voluntary, but was edged into 9th. place by one tenth of a mark.

Martyn Howard stepped up in the O19 Men’s Fig B, but the competition was very strong, and a good compulsory routine still left him in 10th. place. His voluntary is difficult enough without the pressure of having to overtake two in the process. Despite a neat performance of a high difficulty Martyn had to settle for 11th. place, but an improvement on last year.

The Sunday came quickly enough for our three finalists, Lewis, Emily and Hogan.

All three competed valiantly. Lewis, strapped up and in pain gave a high voluntary, the only boy to show a double back somersault straight, but remained 6th. in Britain.

Hogan Leung warmed up with style and panache, showing why he was the group’s leader, but in his competition routine fell on move three, and crashed from 1st. to 8th. place in Britain.

Emily Young, also beginning her final in 1st. place pulled out a great routine, drawing an 8.5 from one judge, but could not stop her rival from overtaking her with an almost two mark tariff advantage. So she had to be content with 2nd in Britain.

But there were prizes for hard work and determination in the shape of second team medals for Emily and her team mates Roisin and Rebekah.

All in all, a fine set of results , 35th. 11th. 11th. 9th. 8th. 6th. & 2nd. in G.B. with a 2nd. team place. As usual our thanks go to our friends, parents, supporters and officials who are all invaluable. For more information please call 01908 313048.