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Results of First Graded Trampoline Competition January 2009 Bracknell L.C. Sunday 11th.

This was the first graded competition of the year where young competitors can rise through the grades from G to D and eventually reach the National Circuit at C. Orbit Milton Keynes had a great day, taking podium places more often than not.
Beginning with the youngest group, the under 9 yrs girls, Natalia Mclaughlin got us off to a flying start at grade G taking 1st. place and achieving a qualifying score.

Things continued to flow in the under 11 girls G, where Tionne Cumberbatch was 1st, Tamzin Wilson 3rd, and to complete the award for 2nd. team place, Lauren McEvaddy was 14th. Tionne and Tamzin also qualified up on the way.

In the under 13 girls G, the haul continued with Laura Cumino taking an easy first place, and Abigail McEvaddy 4th., both collecting qualifying points.

Going up a grade to F, in the under 13 girls Megan McLaughlin repeated her sister’s trick taking 1st. place and qualifying up.

Having wiped up most honours at those grades we moved on to Grade D.
Lewis Wheeler and Hogan Leung flew the flag for us in the under 15 boys group and took 2nd. and 4th. places respectively.

A very close competition got under way in the girls under 15s D. Roisin O’Brien held onto 1st. place by a mere tenth of a mark, but well deserved, while Hollie Leung was 3rd. and Millie Ciciura narrowly 4th. Needless to say they took 1st. team place and Roisin and Hollie got a foot onto the rung to grade C.

In the over 15s D for girls we had 5 jumpers and a team. Fortunes were varied, and having warmed up well, Katrina Stubbs gave an incomplete routine ending 21st of 28. Hannah Ward was also below par, and came in at 16th. place. Kim Stubbs raised the bar and took 10th. place. Climbing higher, Sylvia Kusnierz was 6th. getting herself a bonus point for grade C,  and Rebecca Novak claimed 2nd. place, helping the girls to 2nd. team place, and securing a bonus point for herself as well.

Finally, in the boys over 15s D, Joshua Wheeler secured another 2nd. place. All in all an extremely good competition. Well done to every body, and thanks to all those who officiated and helped in other ways, without whom we could not compete.

For further details about taking up trampolining for fun or as a sport, please contact Russ or Genni on 01908-313048

First Graded Trampoline Competition

First Graded Trampoline Competition

First Graded Trampoline Competition

First Graded Trampoline Competition

First Graded Trampoline Competition