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Why it is a great idea for your child to get involved in trampolining

Trampolining is a very fun but also very efficient form of exercise

Some people think that trampolining is just about having fun. However it is actually a very efficient from of exercise. In 2006 research in the "Aviation, Space and Environmental" journal published by NASA found that bouncing is 70% more efficient than simply running on a flat track for an equivalent amount of time.

Many people question how we can get children involved in physical activity to stay healthy as they become increasingly absorbed in their smart phones, games consoles and TVs. The existence of an incredibly efficient but also fun form of exercise in trampolining creates a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

Make friends and learn a skill at their own pace

It is important that kids get out there and make friends and what better way to do this than in a fun learning environment with others who share an interest? This leads to lasting friendships which are great for everyone. The atmosphere in a class encourages hard work but also for the children to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Kids all have different personalities so will require different support for their extracurricular activities. Orbit Trampoline Club can accommodate all kinds of children, from the most competitive that want to push on and take part in national finals to those who just want to learn a few basic moves, all are welcome.

Use the skill in other sports

The club follows the syllabus of British Gymnastics to allow for an incremental increase in skill level. Skills such as coordination and core strength will improve when you bounce on a trampoline and this will help students improve their overall athleticism. This transfers into a variety of other sports.

It's easy to get involved

Once you have decided that you would like to take up trampolining it is incredibly easy to get involved; the first step is to find a club. Orbit has three locations in Bletchley, Woughton Campus and Stantonbury Leisure. The classes are kept small to allow the students the teacher's full attention and there is usually a maximum of five people per trampoline.

Residential trampolines are very popular, and a great way for children to practise their skills at home. If you are looking at one for the garden an Oval or Rectangular trampoline is a good shape for budding gymnasts. Big Game Hunters have a good range available here: