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The Trampoline League National Finals

This year these were held in the Olympic Velodrome, Olympic park Stratford. An awe inspiring venue showing the breath taking cycle curves.

All we needed now was some inspiration for our jumpers.

At 8.30am five of ours warmed up in a huge throng of other competitors. The aim for Saturday was to reach the top 8 scorers who would then compete in a zero final in the morning.

In the 19+ ladies League 3 Martha McKinnell finished 11th. from a huge group of jumpers, having held 3rd. place until the last flight.

Rebecca dormer was 22nd in the 13-14 girls, with Millie Heathcote 18th. and Milly Cole 11th. Again, a huge group of competitors and this was the girls first league Championships.

Charlie Roberts had a fine day in the League 3 boys 13-14year olds, ending in a fine 3rd. place and a chance to fight out with the last eight on Sunday.

Tess Walker jumped consistently and well, but could do no better than 11th place, a seeming favourite position for Orbit today, and so would not go on to vie for a medal tomorrow in the Ladies 19+ league 2.

In League two 17-18 yr. girls Emily RoxbeeCox faced down the demons that had plagued her during recent training, pulling out all her moves. However, she too landed in 11th. place.

Ritchie Clarke, British Champion last year at men's League 3, stepped up to try League 2, and after a fine compulsory lay in 3rd. place, but was unusually found wanting in his voluntary, falling to 9th.place and out of further contention.

Sunday came all too soon, and our lone synchronised pair of Emily and Tess, who had reached this tournament so far with points for 3rd. place were narrowly pushed into 4th for another small, but so far miss.

Charlie seemed nerve proof, warming up well and staying relaxed. His compulsory routine was consistently good, retaining his 3rd. place.

Everything rested on his voluntary routine. He jumped at his best, performing a pace setting score, elevating him to second place. The last two boys jumped off, one of whom had the ability to overhaul Charlie, but he realised his chance and choked at the attempt, falling on the 4th. move. This clinched it for Charlie Roberts, our best resultant in 2016, taking a Silver trophy. Brilliant! A gold next year ?? Could well be.

Our thanks to our hard working judges and officials without whom we could not compete, and to our faithful parents and supporters who keep the competitors going.

Trampoline League Finals, 29th-30th November 2016, Stratford