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British League Championships, 21st - 22nd November 2015, Copper Box, Stratford

Orbit M.K. at the British Championships 2015

Where was this spectacle? At the Copper Box, an Olympic venue from 2012. Who were there? Over 700 clubs from all the home Nations. Who represented Milton Keynes, well Beds & Bucks as well?

We did, Orbit Trampoline Club. Seven high jumpers ranging from 13 to 22 years of age in Leagues 3, 2, and 1 gave their very best performances.

The competition began with all those who had qualified for the preliminaries in the different age and group levels, filtering down to the top 14 for the semi -finals. From here, the top 8 were selected to go on to the last stage and do battle for a podium position.

At the ungodly hour of 8.0am (unless you lived in Stratford) Charlie Roberts started proceedings in the 13 to 14 boys. Each warm up filled him with increasing confidence, driving out the long walk and the snow encountered in arriving, and Charlie went through round one to reach the Semis. Later that afternoon he was air born again and once more jumped better than most to join the final top 8 the next day.

Tess Walker and Emily RoxbeeCox took to the air in the 17 to 18 girls, giving their all against the 24 competitors. Unluckily, and with great disappointment, Tess did not come in the first 14, and so only Emily would go on to the Semis.

In the 19+ Ladies, Emily Young performed her most difficult routine to date including five double somersaults, and she maintained her form to go through to the best 14 in the Semis.

Also in the 19+ ladies, but at L 1 Dayle Walker also used her most advanced routine, but this time luck was against us and she committed a technical foul, ending her competition for this year.

Remaining at L 1, our French adopted trampolinist, Tristan Ligny performed the most difficult routine in the club, beginning with a triple front somersault with half twist. His routines were both good enough to take him forwards to the semis on Sunday in the 19+ Mens.

Finally, in the men's 19+ L 3, we had Ritchie Clark, the season's leader, who in theory should beat all in his small group and win Gold. No pressure then, just go and do it. After the first round Ritchie was leading, but because of the low numbers all 8 men went through to the final eliminating a semi.

Sunday began only an hour later with our two Emilys completing their semis with good form to sail through to the last final 8 in the afternoon.

Tristan followed their good example and also booked a final jump off.

Charlie did just the same using good style to go through as well.

Ritchie was already there, and so the shoot - out began.

Charlie went first showing his best routine over the whole week end. He lay in 2nd. Place! More boys performed and he was pushed down to 3rd. The last two stepped up and both had a two point tariff advantage, so if they completed without error then Charlie would be knocked down the ranking. It happened. But no shame, it had been a fine contest and Charlie gave his best.

Ritchie came next, and we were surprised to see more difficult routines of a higher tariff being used in the warm up. Some recalculations had obviously been done. Ritchie was jumping well though and determined not to give up his position. He had to perform last, and we watched as each man did their best to wrest first place from him. For one moment it looked as though this might just happen, when a man from Portsmouth was turning a fine difficult routine, but unfortunately for him, he fell at the end and his chances went with him. Ritchie stepped up and did not falter, giving a winner's routine, securing Gold medal and becoming our club's first National Champion for some years. Yes!

Emily Young and Emily RoxbeeCox stood on the webbing next and we hoped for more glory from two girls who are capable of gold. In the 17-18 girls it was Emily Roxbee's first final, so a big occasion for her. She acquitted herself well and did the club proud with a stylish routine, but was overpowered by tariff, and had to be content with a fine 8th. place.

Emily Young excelled herself jumping seventh, drawing 8s from the judges for her flair and quality. The final and leading performer had her task cut out to remain ahead now, so could she? Polly jumped high and clean, scoring narrowly less than Emily, so had we another gold? It was not to be. On time of flight - the seconds for which a performer is air born, added a slim bonus which gave Polly the narrowest Gold and Emily the Silver. Both girls drew the very best from each other and we feel only pride.

Lastly, Tristan jumped against a group of very high tariff performers, having no mean difficulty himself. For the first time on English soil, he used his triple somersault for every routine, and his final was no exception. He overtook two others from the Semis and can only be pleased with his performance, lying in a fine 6th. place.

Our great seven did the club proud, and should feel vindicated and genuinely pleased with themselves. It was good to hear the announcement that each of our trampolinists were greeted with, "From Milton Keynes."

We are now planning for next year.

British League Championships, 21st - 22nd November 2015, Copper Box, Stratford