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Southern Regional Team Championships, 18th October 2015, Isle of Wight

Orbit Milton Keynes Get Their Names on Two Team Championship Cups

Last year saw the first ever Southern Region Team Championships for Trampolining. Each team could enter a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 6 with the 6 best scores to count for each routine.

Edgebarrow, the club near Reading, win more national titles each year than any other club, so most teams thought that they were competing for second place. However, our own team out-performed themselves and defied the odds to take the team gold. This was recorded in an October edition of last year's Citizen and our name is engraved on the 2014 first ever plaque on the cup.

The big question was, could we defend our title?? Would the Citizen be printing another win, or even a placing? The event has grown and a second division, consisting of new entries, or extra teams was also formed. Rising to the challenge, we entered a team in each division. Then fate played her hand. Injuries, unavoidable family commitments, late holidays and illness all struck to deplete our team pool. We went along to the great venue, Medina L.C. on the Isle of Wight with the bare minimum of 6 in each team, and a couple in their first ever trampoline competition!

The best effort is all that a person can give, and our teams excelled in effort, from young Laura Kelly at the lowest G grade, who scored an eight, to our most mature jumper Emily Young at B grade, who raised the bar with a score of 9.1. Every person's routine score was added to the team total and as the afternoon wore on there were fewer and fewer members left to compete, and the final scores would be announced.

In division 1 from Highest to lowest grade, we had Emily Young the captain, Milly Cole who raised her tariff for the occasion, Millie Heathcote who also raised hers, Helena Bloomfield who gave a rock steady voluntary, Rebecca Dormer who scored 8s consistently, and Ben Gilroy who steadily brought quality at the close. Their performances were a credit to themselves and the club, but this time not enough to hold off the Edgebarrow avengers, who took first and third places, but our team held onto Silver. A great combined effort.

In division 2 in the same order, we had Tess Walker the captain who gave a leader's performance, Charlie Roberts who raised his tariff and still recorded 8s, Imogen Wells attempting routines for the first time in her first competition, Rachel Marsh who raised her grade, Ella Preedy who surprised herself with 8s, and Laura Kelly our youngest competitor at nine years of age who kept her nerve to score well. They were rewarded with the cup and first team place! A team of surprising combinations which proved a winning mix. Well done, we have some more engraving to do after all!

Our thanks to all our Officials, parents, coaches and supporters who make our success possible.

Southern Regional Team Championships, 18th October 2015, Isle of Wight
Southern Regional Team Championships, 18th October 2015, Isle of Wight