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National Trampoline League Competition, 5th - 6th September 2015, Cardiff

Orbit's Seven at Cardiff

Last week end Milton Keynes was represented at the third Trampoline League Competition making up part of the massive 800 entrants. Accumulating points was the target, to secure a place in the National finals at the Copperbox, London, at the end of November. Points are allocated from first, gaining 100 points, to 24th. collecting a single 1.

In League 3 on Saturday morning, Martha McKinnel and Charlie Roberts opened our campaign in the over 19 ladies and the boys 13 to 14 respectively. After a terrible warm up where she fell, narrowly avoiding accident, Martha had nothing left to lose, and she produced a fine compulsory routine, rapidly followed by one of her best voluntaries. Such are the surprises of trampolining. This gave Martha 9th. place, which would have given her quite a good collection of points, but due to a technical infringement on her tariff sheet she was relegated to 16th. place. It was just not to be her day.

Charlie gradually improved with every warm up, showing better shaped positions and height. After a good compulsory Charlie remained consistent and also showed a quality voluntary, securing him in a very respectable 6th. place.

In the over 19 mens Ritchie Clarke had already competed back in July at Hull, unlike Martha and Charlie, and had taken a first place with a 100 points to his credit. Could he repeat the feat? His compulsory warmed up and competed well, heaping pressure on the opposition with a first place posting. During the voluntaries, two other men drew higher marks, but Ritchie's tariff and time of flight narrowly carried him through to take another 100 points in first place, and with only one more competition before the final a certain place at the Copperbox.

Moving up to League Two, Emily RoxbeeCox in the 17 to 18 yr. girls showed her usual fine style and gained high marks from the judges for her compulsory. She completed her much more difficult voluntary and landed a combined 10th. place. With her previous result in Hull she may not need another competition to guarantee her spot in London.

At over 19 yrs. ladies, Emily Young entered her first competition of the year, looking for maximum points. Having suffered a fall during training in the week, she was making a nervous start, but warm ups went very well for her. Emily performed a lovely compulsory routine drawing a rare 8.5 from one judge, launching her into first place. A perfect start. Sadly not to continue, as her doubts returned during her voluntary routine and she 'froze' on her fifth move, ending her competition hopes. Emily ended in 24th. place scoring one single point, making it inevitable that she will compete in the fourth and last League round in late October at South Shields.

On Sunday, up at the top end of competiton, League 1, Dayle Walker rehearsed her more difficult moves, running through her routines. Her compulsory flowed well placing her in the top ten. Similar quality followed and Dayle's challenging voluntary drew good marks from the judges, rewarding her clean style. This allowed her 9th. place and with her Hull scores she should have secured a jump at the London final.

Our last competitor, Tristan Ligny from Toulouse, had decided on his own personal challenge, to use a triple front somersault with half twist, or a 'Triff'. This would be, of course, in his voluntary routine, and there was the compulsory to go first. This was not a 'given' but he completed the routine with good form and was up in the top group. Now came the 'Triff'! He had completed it three times in warm ups so Tristan knew that he could do it. He jumped, reached his top considerable height, but delayed take off, continued to jump, and jump, and the nerves were showing. Finally he took off and landed the Triff successfully, but quite close to the end of the trampoline, and his second move was heavily over corrected hurling him close to the other end. The next move ended up on the adjacent trampoline. Not within the rules. End of routine. Nevertheless, Tristan was not alone in falls and mishaps and he still took 9th. place and the satisfaction that with his points from Hull, he will be able to try his triff again in London at the Copperbox. All in all a very good week end’s trampolining with some inevitable disappointments but good future chances for all.

For further information contact Orbit MKTC on 01908 313048.

National Trampoline League Competition, 5th - 6th September 2015, Cardiff