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The British Regional Trampoline Championships, 11th and 12th July 2015, Peterborough

Last week end Milton Keynes Trampolinists did the Lion's share of fighting the corner for Southern Region taking 13 competitors, seven of whom were from Orbit.

Since February they have trained hard, honing their routines into one continuous and graceful display of power and control. In fact their coach started calling them his magnificent seven. The Orbit jumpers competed in their age groups and ability levels against all comers in the same divisions from all over Britain, meaning that their positions finally indicate their standing within the Isles.

Launching our campaign on Saturday, Ben Gilroy warmed up nervously in the L3 under 15 boys group. As his mastery of the equipment improved so did his confidence, and Ben lay in 1st. place after a fine first routine. Holding his nerve, Ben repeated the quality in his second routine, drawing an unusual 8.8 from one judge, and securing 1st. place for him, Orbit and the Region. A dream start!

We now returned to MK to wait for the morning before going back to Peterborough with our next six hopefuls.

At 9.0 am it was another young man who stepped up in the under 15s L5, a higher level, in the name of Charlie Roberts. Keeping up the male success Charlie also took an early lead, but only by tenths. Could he repeat the performance and hold on to his narrow lead or would another young man overtake him? The best was still to come, and Charlie improved on his first routine, appearing to be magnetised to the centre, where the judges like you, and held on to another 1st. place for himself, Orbit and the South. How would our very good girls follow this?

Into the Fray stepped Lucy Pangbourne and Milly Cole in the over 13s L4, one grade down. Lucy gave a very creditable performance eliciting 8.0s from the judges, but so did many other girls in this high standard dual. Milly gave a sparkling first routine, scoring all mid 8.0s and one 8.8 pushing her into 1st. place. This all seemed too good to be true, and it was. Both girls performed slightly less well in their second routines, but when the marks were collated and the dust settled, all was far from lost. Lucy ended in a creditable 10th. place and Milly stood on the podium in 3rd. place. What could our next three do?

Helena Bloomfield in the L5 over 18s warmed up conscientiously against a large group of rivals. This was a large group of ladies with no obvious weak links. Helena's coach had quietly expected her to podium, but he hadn't reckoned with the standard of the opposition. After the first routines Helena lay around the middle of the group having performed well, and only tenths separated the competitors. A more controlled improved second routine pushed her higher up the ranks, but there was too much ground to make up, and Helena ended her pursuit in a creditable 11th. place.

This brought the competition to the highest level, 6, and in the over 15 ladies we had two fine trampolinists. Tionne Cumberbatch and Ciara O'Brien warmed up well, improving with every turn, maintaining our high standards already set. Both looked ready to storm the heights. In her first routine Tionne wowed the judges with lovely form and style, hitting the high 8s in equal 1st. place. Ciara suffered an unusual moment of doubt, travelling and dropping height, but completed her ten skills. Even so, she pulled 8s from two of the judges, but this was not what had been planned. In the voluntary routines Tionne gave a show just below her best, but of a high standard, against some other young ladies higher tariffs. Ciara jumped nearer to her very skilful best, but could not make up all her earlier lost ground. In the final reckoning Ciara took 12th. place and Tionne a fine 3rd. place.

A great week end's competing for Orbit Milton Keynes and Southern Region, four podium places out of seven, and everyone above half way. A real credit to the sport and the City.

The British Regional Trampoline Championships, 11th and 12th July 2015, Peterborough
The British Regional Trampoline Championships, 11th and 12th July 2015, Peterborough