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National Trampoline League Finals, December 6th-7th 2014

We spent last week-end in Cambridge at the University Gym competing against the Country's best trampolinists. Saturday saw the squirmish beginning with the Set and Voluntary routines to see who would go on to the Semi-finals on Sunday. Hopefully then on to the finals of the last eight.

2014 is the first year of the League, and it has proven so successful that spectators had to arrive and depart in flights, making way for each new wave of supporters.

Getting Orbit's campaign underway was Ciara O'Brien in the girls 15-16yrs. League 3, entering the fray in last place. Ciara knew she had nothing to lose as the competition worked from a zero final, all jumpers beginning from scratch but there is always the nagging doubt that every one against you has already beaten you once! Undaunted, Ciara turned out a great set and voluntary routine, landing her in 6th place ready for the Semi finals in the morning.

Also at L3 but in the 17-18yr. group was Martha McKinnell. After a nervous Set routine, giving the opposition a head start, Martha settled down to pull out a fine voluntary putting her in 8th. place and a chance to return on Sunday.

Moving up to L2 we had four more ladies. In the 15-16yrs. Emily RoxBeecox was an unknown quantity, having had very mixed training sessions in the week. However, she seemed to remember her better work outs, took her courage in both hands and successfully performed her double tucked backwards somersault which begins both her routines. She got her reward, a semi-final place on Sunday.

Still at L2 in the 17-18 yrs. Alice Day also began both routines with a double backward somersault, which she performed equally well, booking her passage into the Semis.

In the 19+ division Emily Young competed as the scoreboard leader, adding to the pressure. After a good set routine, Emily faced her voluntary with four double somersaults included, but jumped well under pressure also going into the Semis. Her team mate, Cara Stubbs also faced training problems in her routines, but overcame these well and jumps again tomorrow.

At Level 1, the highest, we had Dayle Walker in the 17-18 yr. group. Dayle had also faced training issues, sometimes unable to perform her skills, but not today, she gave two fine routines, especially her voluntary that included two double somersaults and two one and a half twisting forward somersault, with one from her back. Despite good scores, the group proved just too tough and Dayle would not be jumping on Sunday.

Sunday's Semi-Finals brought us mixed results, although every one performed really well, we lost Cara and Emily RoxBeecox. The other girls made it through to the last eight and the finals, another zero start.

Ciara warmed up well, and excelled herself with a fine routine claiming 4th place, just a few tenths away from a medal. From last to 4th. was a great achievement.

Martha acquitted herself well with a clean routine securing the 8th. place, but 8th in the Country is still quite a feat.

Alice had a mix of warm ups, some good work, some not so good. In her final routine Alice squeezed out some extra height, beginning with her double back somersault and next three moves in great form, but was unable to control the flight and fell onto the side pads in her next somersault. Unhurt, but the possibility of a medal gone, and down to 8th place.

Last but not least was Emily Young who knew that she could win the final, but in the attempt one mistake would drop her to 8th. place. The three warm ups went to plan and after six girls had successfully completed their routines, it was Emily's turn. I could feel her nerves. She jumped powerfully, hitting her height and then got into her first double piked forward somersault with half twist. The routine went very well, and she ended with rapturous applause. The judges gave her marks to lead the way and there was just the one more girl to compete. However, the end was not yet in sight, and this young woman also gave a great performance, tipping her into first place by three tenths. A disappointment for Emily, but 2nd in the country doesn't look bad on your C.V.

National Trampoline League Finals Team
National Trampoline League Finals Team