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National Trampoline League, 2014

In the National Trampoline League there have been four qualifying events, opportunities to score enough points to compete in the finals in December. A performers' best two results count. Most clubs in Britain have entered. There are no more chances and the selections have been made.

Our members going through are:

Dayle Walker in League 1, 17 18 Ladies in 11th place so far.

Emily Roxbeecox in League 2, 15 16 girls in 18th place.

Alice Day in League 2, 17 18 Ladies in 5th place.

Rebekah Bridge in League 2, over 19 Ladies in 1st place!

Emily Young in League 2, over 19 Ladies in 2nd place!

Cara Stubbs in League 2, also over 19 Ladies in 19th place.

Martha McKinnell in League 3, 17 18 Ladies in 8th place.

Ciara O'Brien in League 3, 15 16 girls in 21st place.

These places give an indication of how well the girls have fared at a National level so far, but are by no means definitive. At the final, previous scores will be discarded, and everyone will be given a clean slate beginning at zero. Theoretically then, anyone could come in first place on the day in an open field. Our Orbit young women are training hard ready to give their best on the 6th and 7th of December. Some will finish the year on a high, others may not, but we all look forwards with quiet excitement to this culminating competition.

Emily Young
Martha McKinnel