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Orbit are Crowned Champs, October 2014

Southern Region Team Championships, Hazlemere, October 2014

Last Sunday saw the inaugural Southern Region Team Championships held in Hazlemere. Eighteen teams from that many clubs went up against each other with eight in each team. Teams were male and female and from high to lower competition grade, demanding consistency across a range of ability. The Wight Flyers from the Island were there with Portsmouth and Southampton, and the usually indomitable Edgebarrow who win more National titles than any other club.

Our eight had trained hard knowing what they were up against, but were not over awed and seemed quietly confident. In fact they all out performed themselves, pulling off routines far superior to those achieved during training hours. Time and again scores of 8 were put up by the judges, our senior lady drawing an 8.7 from one judge! They all relied upon each other, knowing that every mark went towards the over all result.

By late afternoon the jumping was over, the serious maths calculated, and the results ready to read. They were given out in reverse order, and when there were only five more places to go, we began to feel a little expectant, maybe we had landed 4th. place, but the awards continued, Portsmouth team in 3rd. place, Edgebarrow teams one and two in equal 2nd. and the 2014 champions in 1st. place, Orbit Milton Keynes.

For what seemed a time stop we watched our team go up to collect their trophies Millie Cole, our youngest member who performed a crash dive ball out in her voluntary, our other promising Millie, Mille Heathcote who gained good 8s with new material, Charlie Roberts our only boy who used a front somersault straight with one and a half twists for the first time in competition, Anya Butler climbing back from lost move syndrome who also used a crash dive and forwards somersault from her back. Lauren Muttitt who jumped with great form and overcame a technical penalty, Helena Bloomfield who also completed her most daring voluntary, Ciara O'Brien who gave us a head start to the early morning of the event, and finally Cara Stubbs, our longest campaigner who helped bring stability to the team.

Waking from satisfied surprise the coaches were called up to receive the yearly trophy, which will now bear our name in its first year.

A great day for the club and Milton Keynes, a big thank you to our parents and supporters, those who officiate and all those who drive feed and encourage our great kids.

Orbit at the Southern Region Team Championships
The Orbit Southern Region Team Championships Team