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Orbit Milton Keynes Medal Haul at the Chipping Norton Friendly Trampolining Competition

Invitational Friendly, Chipping Norton, 13th July 2013

With the National Championships over, it was great to get down with beginners and youngsters at a very well run and enjoyable competition. Higher Energy invited us to their event and we took many for their first experience plus a few more hardened jumpers.

Beginners Level

Archie Blackmore-Read got us underway in the "Under 7 Years" category with a 3rd place. In the "Under 9 Years" category, Kyle Seymour-Griffiths came 6th. Last but not least of the beginners, Lewis Walters took 1st place in the "Under 11 Years" category. Lewis Walters was also awarded the "2nd Highest Score of the Day" trophy. His team mate Kacey King was a good 2nd in the group.

Lewis Walters

Regional Grade I

In the "Under 9 Years" category, Katie Balmer came 5th. In the "Under 11 Years" category, Connor Walters came 5th. In the "Under 15 Years" category, Maddy Murphey took 1st place.

Regional Grade H

In the "Under 13 Years" category, Andrew Brown was 7th, Abigail Moore 4th, Daisy Edwards 3rd and Ben Gilroy 1st. These jumpers also took 1st team place and an award for the second highest team score of the day. Still taking the medals, in the "Uner 15 Years" category, Josie Crisp came 3rd, Charlotte Pollard 2nd and Jordan Murphy 1st. They were unassailable for 1st team place.

Regional Grade G

In the "Under 13 Years" category, Jayne Pangbourne came 12th, Freya Clark 8th, Millie Cole 3rd and Charlie Roberts 1st. They also ran off with 1st team place. Alone in the "Under 15 Years" category, Lauren Muttitt excelled herself taking 1st place. She also took the trophy for the "Highest Grade G Score of the Day" and, in fact, for the whole day.

Open Division

Georgia Makel beat some high level competitors to reach 2nd place.


A very good competition where all our jumpers acquitted themselves well and were a credit to both themselves and the club.

Our thanks to our officials and parents who make these days possible.

For more information, call 01908 313048.

The Orbit Milton Keynes Team