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The British National Trampoline Championships - Orbit Milton Keynes

Over the week-end of July the 24th and 25th. six members of our club battled it out with the best performers in the country. Dayle Walker would have swelled the party to seven, but injury robbed her of her chance to test herself against the nations best.

Lewis Wheeler and Hogan Leung were in the U15 boys, Roisin O’Brien and Rebekah Bridge in the U17 girls, Martyn Howard in the 19+ men’s, and Laura Wright in the 19+ Ladies.

On the Saturday the preliminaries took place consisting of two routines, and by adding the scores for these two, the best eight performers from each group went on to decide final placings on the Sunday.

Lewis began his competition well, but still dogged by a previous injury, his voluntary routine caused him problems leaving him outside the small group of eight, and so taking no further part.

Rebekah and Roisin fared similarly, both performing near best routines, but failing to find that elite knot of competitors who went forward to the Sunday.

Martyn began with high hopes, lying in first place after the compulsory routines, but it was not to be his day either as he uncharacteristically fell in his voluntary combinations.

Such are the fortunes of competition; but Hogan found himself in 7th. place and Laura in 8th. so they both went forward  to the final engagement on Sunday.

Hogan was full of confidence, and warmed up with two very stylish routines. He held his nerve, and returned an almost equally good routine for the competition event, keeping the distance between himself and number 8, and simultaneously laying down the gauntlet for those to come. For some it proved too much, and Hogan slowly moved up the ladder, finally ending in 4th. place; and that’s 4th. place in  England Wales and Northern Ireland – a great finish to a good season.

Laura was assured of 8th. place, but hoped to move up as Hogan had done. Her opposition all had high difficulty, which became unnerving, and Laura’s self-confidence began to wane as she only managed one complete routine during practice. However, we were sure that her depth of training and personal experience would see her through. It was soon her turn to step up and be the first competitor in her group. Laura’s nerve held and she produced a fine routine, linking her moves fluently and with clean precision. This gave her the just reward, and she ended her competition in 6th. place. Another great result.

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