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Graded Trampoline Competition at Abingdon Sun. March 14th. ‘10

Orbit Milton Keynes took 14 jumpers to this Regional Counties Competition near Oxford, against at least 15 other clubs. The grades ranged from G at the lowest end to D at the highest, and from U11s to O19s boys and girls.

Getting our challenge under way in the Girls U15 E grade were Megan McLaughlin and Tionne Cumberbatch. There were 21 to fight for places in this tight contest. When the compulsory and voluntary routines were over, both girls had jumped very well, especially Tionne, who at only ten years of age took first place. We await confirmation to her qualification to D grade. Megan had a less spectacular day, but was respectably 16th.

Competing on another panel ten minutes later our U11 grade G girls took first team place. They were, Lauren McEvaddy 4th. and qualified for F, Anya Butler 5th, also qualifying for F, Natalia McLaughlin 13th. Georgia Makel 16th. and Chloe Miles 24th.

Next in the programme came the U15 girls D grade, just one level below the National grades beginning at C. Millie Cicuira took on 17 girls and narrowly lead the competition after a fine compulsory routine. She repeated this good performance in her voluntary, keeping the lead into the final, where she gave another winning performance, finishing where she started, in 1st. place. Millie also qualified for grade C.
Back to grade G, but with the U15 girls, we had another 1st team place. Zoe Taylor was 12th. and qualified for F, Alice Day was 14th., Martha McKinnel 15th. and Caitlin Bird was

In the O15 girls F we were represented by Christine Brown who was 7th. and missed qualifying by only a few tenths, and Rebekah Peters who was 13th.

Every one acquitted themselves well and were a credit to the club, and our thanks go to our officials and helpers who made our entry possible.

For further information call Genni or Russ on 01908-313048.