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National Gala Week end Trampoline Competition Cardiff. 25th/26th April

Orbit Milton Keynes took six individuals to the National ‘C’ grade on the Saturday, and one Synchronised pair on the Sunday. The days were long and results surprising.

Getting us under way at 9.0am were Dayle Walker and Cara Stubbs.

Returning from injury, Dayle jumped against 76 girls in the under 15 section. Her compulsory went well but her voluntary let her down finding herself on the side pads and unable to continue . Better luck next time in South Shields.

Cara competed for the first time this season against 50 girls, and jumped well to complete both routines. However, a qualifying place in the national finals eluded her, and she will try again in the North with Dayle.

Moving to the huge group of U19 girls, a field of over 80, Rebekah Bridge made a promising start, scoring high 7s in her compulsory routine.  This was a blessing, as Rebekah has been having problems with her moves. Her voluntary was looking eye catching during the warm up, but she too was out of luck and ran out of trampoline on her third move. Fortunately Bekah has already booked her place for the Nationals, but will need real consistency in her work by July.

Working through the group, Sophie Myers jumped next in 31st. place. Sophie has been experiencing severe problems over the season, sometimes not even being able to straight jump, so it was without expectations that she entered the fray.  However, warm ups went well, her confidence grew, and she scored high 7s for her compulsory.  The voluntary followed an equally pleasantly surprising trend, giving her  scores just as high. This left Sophie in 4th. place and we waited in happy disbelief as girl after girl failed to displace her. Eventually, in the last 70 of the group, she was overtaken, but remained in  7th. place, giving her a slot in the national finals and a jump off in the day’s final. This was way beyond anything we had expected, and Sophie had nothing to lose, and jumped her final routine with complete freedom, going up by three places to stand on the podium in 3rd. place. A great result.

The U19 Boys only had a mere 32 opponents to defeat, so an easy task. Ha! If only.
Thomas Johnson jumped off in 12th. position, using a new voluntary of a higher tariff for the first time.  ‘T.J’ already had his place booked for the Nationals, as did his team mate Glyn, so this was really a rehearsal.  The compulsory routine went well, but the judges found faults, and the scores were in the low 7s. T.J. raised his game with the voluntary, but it was just not good enough for the day’s final, leaving him in 9th. place.

Glyn Dickinson stepped up in 20th. position, warmed up confidently and scored high 7s for the compulsory. He had also experienced recent difficulties with moves so this was a good beginning.  The voluntary went as planned without surprises, scoring low 7s, but with a very good comparative tariff. These scores left Glyn in 5th. place and a chance to jump off in the day’s final. This last voluntary routine went even better and Glyn stepped onto the podium in 3rd. place.  We now look forwards to July.

In the morning the synchronized competition got under way, and Dayle Walker had to pick herself up and forget Saturday’s disappointment. Holly Leung made up the pair with fresh legs, and the girls synchronization was extremely good giving them 9s for this aspect of their routines. This was the girl’s first competition together and they can be very pleased with their final placing of 12th.


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National Gala Week end Trampoline Competition Cardiff.