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National Trampoline Finals grade 2, 25th Nov 07

This competition was the last major event of the season, and following October’s feature in The Citizen, 'Orbit Members Eye Nationals', we traveled to Hull with high hopes.

In the U11 boys we had Lewis Wheeler who had come 2nd. twice in preliminary rounds.

In the U13 girls we had Millie Ciciura, who was placed 4th. in October, and Roisin O’Brien who always looks capable of reaching the top ten.

In the U15 boys we had Jez Billingham, who had consistently been in the top five of the preliminary qualifiers.

Jez was first to compete for Orbit, getting the competition under way at 9.0am.  He performed a good quality compulsory routine, as he has done all season, but every one else raised their game, leaving him in equal  5th. place. Only tenths separated the boys and medals would be won and lost on the voluntary routines. 
Jez gave a better performance, only three boys outscoring him by tenths on form, but Jez’ difficulty was higher, pulling him up to 2nd or 3rd. place. The final would be a real showdown.

Jumping in reverse order the last eight saw fortunes change until it quickly came round to Jez’ last chance to podium, his final routine. With every thing to gain Jez jumped high and cleanly, earning himself  a cup and a well-deserved 3rd. place., his best National result to date.

Next to compete were  Roisin and Millie, in that order, 32nd. and 46th.  As at previous rounds, the girls knew that they had to produce compulsory routines scoring high 7s to 8s to have any chance of reaching the last eight who would contend for the medals. Roisin narrowly missed her goal, scoring slightly less but still within striking distance.

Millie began to feel the nerves as her turn approached, and her fourth move traveled a touch too far, and she was left recovering to her level best for the remaining six moves. This placed her below Roisin with an even bigger task to pull off in the voluntaries.

Roisin watched girls rise and fall throughout the voluntaries until it was her turn to compete. She rose to the occasion, completing her voluntary for only the second time in competition, but the judges had hit her quite hard for form deductions, drawing low 7s. We could only wait and watch the others.

Soon enough it was time for Millie’s voluntary, and she knew that a tentative performance would not be good enough, it had to be all or nothing. She faced the task and gave a better performance than she had for her compulsory scoring mid-sevens, but would it be good enough?

When one whole mark separates fifteen girls as in their competition, in the final outcome it was not to be a celebration for Millie or Roisin, and they missed the last eight final places, coming 29th and 36th. respectively. But hey, that’s in the country, and with errors.

Last but not least was Lewis, our youngest representative. Characteristically, he warmed up confidently, unphased by the occasion.

Jumping off in 4th. place Lewis soon had to show his compulsory, giving a very steady routine, which drew high 7s from the judges, leaving him in equal 2nd. place. He was clearly going to make the final barring a fall. After the voluntaries Lewis was still in 2nd. place, but again there wee only tenths between the first three. All was to play for.

The final voluntaries whittled down, it was Lewis’ turn, having just seen the boy in 3rd. place return a great routine. Lewis was just a little under pressure now, and he needed all his resolve to produce another steady performance securing him a cup, and a well-deserved 2nd. place.

competition winnersA great day for our club members, their parents, coaches, and our supporters. Well done every one in gaining National places.

For further information on trampolining, or if you are interested in sponsoring us, please call Gen or Russ Jackman on 01908-313048.