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Orbit Annual Club Competition. April 2007

On Sunday April 15th. some 97 youngsters took part in our annual club event at Stantonbury Leisure Centre. Unexpectedly, many late entries made this competition our largest ever, ages ranging from 4 to 26 yrs. with an equal ability spread from novice to national competitor.

There was the special medal awarded for best form or style during the competition, disregarding grade and tariff, making it possible for a beginner to win it, but for the second year, it went to Emily Young. This is an annual award to commemorate the club’s late fiend and Great Britain’s first world champion, Paul Luxon.

squad squad

competition winners

Now follow the results, which for the sake of brevity, will not be complete, but any one may 'phone us for a complete set.

Under 7 Girls & Boys 5 Bounce.
1st. Hazel Dukeswindell, 2nd. Tania Gerra, 3rd. Natalia McLaughlin, 4th. Ellis Wheeler.

Over 7s Mixed 5 Bounce.
1st. Megan James,  2nd. Kyle Ayris,  3rd. Emma Justice,  4th. Jodie Davies.

Under 9 Girls & Boys 10 Bounce
1st. Ellis Green,  2nd. Christopher Hammond,  3rd. Lauren McEvaddy,  4th. Olivia Wilson.

U11 Girls & Boys 10 Bounce
1st. Abigail McEvaddy,  2nd. Chelsea Coleman.   3rd. Ciara O’Brien.  4th. Chloe Barnett.

U 13 Girls 10 Bounce.
1st. Jenny McIntyre,   2nd. Kayleigh Hammond.   3rd. Shannon Weir.   4th. Zoe Taylor.

13s & Over Boys & Girls 10 Bounce
1st. Hannah Thompson,   2nd. Katie McIntyre,   3rd. Stacy Harrison,   4th. Ellie Rooth.
Ellie was our only entry from our adult members, and so received a special award for bravery!!

15s & Under 10 Bounce.
1st. Kurtis Anderson,   2nd. Stevie Grant.

Rising Squad All age.
1st. Megan McLoughlin,   2nd. Rebekka Peters,   3rd. Sarah McIntyre,   4th. Elizabeth Daniells.

As the squad compete regularly throughout the year, they were given the option of using any simple 10 bounce routine, or their graded routine, and this was reflected in the results – but their own choices.
1st. Emily Young,   2nd. Laura Roberts,   3rd. Ho Kwan Chik,   4th. Hugh Sullivan.

For further information about this competition or trampolining in general, contact Russ or Gen on 01908-313048.